What We Believe

Our Culture

GluCare.Health was born out of the idea that a combination of a human-centric patient approach and a technology working together will lead to a better and more efficient management of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. We aim to generate the best clinical outcomes at the lowest unit cost and do so in an accountable, transparent, and responsible way.

Our Core Values

We believe that healthcare systems should adopt major changes in the way they practise diabetes management and this care should be accessible to everyone.

At GluCare.Health we gathered a team of passionate professionals to bring the best of medicine and technology. With that, we demonstrated that if you merge human and machine, (data science & technology), with a very human centric model of care you can indeed change the course of diabetes. 

How Does It Work?

Here Is The Proof

Diabetics generally get worse with time and are usually managed with a heavy focus on medications. On average, a GluCare.Health patient experiences a 2.14% HbA1c reduction in just 90 days with less medications.

Traditional models of Diabetes Management do not produce results such as these:

On average, GluCare.Health Type 2 patients are well-controlled after just 90 days (HbA1c - 6.9)

On average, GluCare.Health Type 1 patients are well-controlled after just 180 days (HbA1c - 6.7)

6.6 – That’s the average HbA1c of our patients after a year of treatment at GluCare.Health

Our Digital Therapeutics Platform

We Track All Data


POINT | Average Reduction in HbA1C

More Care Team Engagement

More Patient Engagement on Educational Content

More Weight/BMI Data Points & Blood Pressure Data Points Analyzed (*Hypertensive Patients)

Data Received on Sleep Cycle, Movement Analysis, Daily Calorie Burn, Heart & Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature

Annual Glucose Data Points Analyzed when using CGM

Annual Glucose Data Points Analyzed when using BGM

Medication Elimination

GluCare.Health reduces the need for overall medications. After a year of management, our patients, on average, eliminated diabetes-specific medications.


of patients on insulin no longer needed
after 12 Months


of patients reduced prescriptions across different medication categories
after 12 Months

To see how GluCare.Health reduces overall medication

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