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We understand that your time is precious which is why we’ve modernized the way low testosterone is managed.

Our revolutionary TRT program combines at-home testing, direct-to-door medication delivery, and seamless online consultations – all wrapped under one monthly fee.


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What Is Testosterone?

The Hormone That May Be
Holding You Back

Testosterone is a hormone found in all humans, both male and female.
A natural dip in testosterone levels is common in men after the age of 30.  This decline can occur
despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and balanced nutrition.

Often, the symptoms of low testosterone subtly creep in over time.  This gradual onset leads many
men to dismiss these signs, anticipating a natural resolution.  But the reality is men’s bodies simply
won’t function at their best without restoring healthy testosterone levels.

Low T Can Lead To

Increase In Body Fat

Low Energy

Low Sex Drive

Sexual Dysfunction

Low Muscle Mass

Depressed Mood

Trouble Focusing

Lack of Motivation

Up to 40% of men over the age of 40 have low T

You Don’t Need To Just “Accept It

Our TRT Program is uniquely designed with a holistic approach, providing expert urologist
consultations, around-the-clock virtual support, and the convenience of at-home blood service.

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What Is Included?

Specialist Urologist

Blood Tests

Medication Delivery
To Your Doorstep

Treatement Choice From Pills, Cream or Injections

Virtual Support

One Flat Monthly Fee
All-Inclusive Membership

Break Free From Low T With Ease

Experience Convenient Care

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Innovative Treatments Designed For You

No Needles, No Hassle

Simply push a button and smooth on the gel – it’s that effortless.  Many of our clients begin to notice
improvements within just a few days of initiating their treatment.  And for those who favor injections,
we continue to provide that option with the same unmatched convenience.

Keeps your T levels balanced.
No dips or spikes.

Dose calibrated to your
quarterly tests

daily dose

Same efficacy as
traditional injections

Still Not Convinced?

GluCare TRT

Physician consultations from the comfort of your home

Continuous quarterly testing of your hormonal levels

Choice of treatment from gels, injections, and pills

Medication delivery to your doorstep

One transparent flat monthly membership, all-inclusive


Wasting time driving to the clinic and waiting for your appointment

Random or non-existing check-ups

Traditional injections only

Driving to multiple pharmacies to access hard-to-find medication

Insurance nightmare, copays, and frequent rejections

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No Insurance? No Problem

GluCare TRT
costs no more than
AED 995 per month

The reality is that most insurance companies do not cover for TRT (including testing & medication) even though it is indicated in the medical guidelines.

The GluCare TRT program removes the hassle of dealing with insurance with an affordable monthly subscription that includes everything.

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Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Haluk Kulacsizoglu

Consultant Urologist & Andrologist

Dr. Judith Skaf

Consultant Endocrinologist

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Internal Medicine Specialist