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Did You Know That 1 in 5
People Suffer From
Thyroid Nodules

GluCare.Health is the first facility in the Middle East to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted ultrasound technology to improve the diagnosis accuracy of sonographic calcifications of thyroid nodules during the same visit.

Unlike the traditional approach which relies on physicians’ assessment alone, this approach offers patients a more sensitive and objective method for the diagnosis of thyroid malignancies, and decreases the need for unnecessary procedures by about 50%.

What We Treat

Effortless Thyroid Care

Beyond traditional thyroid care, GluCare combines a comprehensive service suite that transforms the way we manage thyroid disorders, offering a seamless & integrated experience like no other.

Hypothyroidism & Hypethyroidism

Our team of endocrinologists will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Auto-Immune Thyroid Disorders

Including treatments for Hashimoto’s disease, Addison’s disease, Graves’ disease, and all associated complications.

Efficient Care At Its Best

Get Your Results On The
Same Visit

Our on-site laboratory allows us to run extensive thyroid laboratory tests and scans
in real time and release the results within 30-40 minutes, meaning you get to discuss them
with your endocrinologist and get your treatment plan during the same visit.


AI-Assisted Technology
To Screen Thyroid

Specialized Blood

Integrated Team

Immediate Fine Needle Aspiration
(If Needed)

All Our Packages Are Covered
By Insurance