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At GluCare.Health our experts diagnose
and treat patients with various
thyroid disorders.

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Management of your thyroid may form part of a general metabolic assessment or be considered alongside another endocrine disease, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease.

Our Unique Thyroid Service

Real Time Results in 30-40 minutes

Run extensive thyroid laboratory tests in real time (30-40 minutes)  meaning you get to discuss everything with your endocrinologist during your visit.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Diagnosis

We use Artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis using Ultrasound to evaluate the sonographic calcifications of thyroid nodules during the same visit. -This approach is a more sensitive and more objective method than simply relying on conventional methods (physicians alone) in the diagnosis of thyroid malignancies (please refer to the chart on the right why accurate diagnosis matters historically).

We use AI for thyroid imaging to avoid unnecessary biopsies and surgery

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