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Change How Your Child Lives With
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As a parent, you understand the daily struggles of managing your child’s health. Constant worry, frequent doctor visits,
and a lack of control can make life difficult for both you and your child. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With GluCare’s model of care, you can finally have the peace of mind and control you deserve.

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What We Treat

Your Child’s Endocrine Health Covered

From Type 1 Diabetes to Pediatric Obesity and Growth Disorders, GluCare provides a seamless, integrated experience for your child’s diverse hormonal health needs.

Type 1 Diabetes

Unparalleled, comprehensive and continuous care to make life with type 1 diabetes simpler.

Type 2 Diabetes

A seamless & data-driven approach to improve diabetes outcomes while reducing medication intake. Our team will help you keep all diabetes complications at bay.

Childhood Obesity

Prevention is way better than cure. Reverse your pre-diabetes with continuous care & monitoring.

Growth Disorders

From diabetic foot to nephropathy and retinopathy, our multi-disciplinary team will help you keep all complications at bay and make the right referrals as needed.

Real-Time Insights, Reliable Results, All-In-One-Place

Our cutting-edge approach provides continuous monitoring and engagement, real-time diagnosis, super-efficient in-clinic workflows, reliable results, easy-to-use devices, and personalized insights – all in one place.

Our Expert Team Offers Specialized, Continuous
& Hyper-Personalized Support

Dr. Kowshik Gupta

Dr. Kowshik Gupta

Struggling With Insurance Coverage
For Your Child’s Diabetes?

Our insurance-free, subscription program caters for type 1 pediatric diabetes and provides
all the necessary care team visits (physician, dietitian, coach, etc), laboratory tests,
imaging, and monitoring & wearable devices – all for one monthly fee.