Optimal Male Health
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Let’s Do Better Than “Just Cope With It”

Redefining Men’s Health Standards

Our team recognized how frustrated men were with the existing treatment options when it comes to male health.

Evolving out of GluCare’s renowned model of care, we’ve woven a comprehensive web of care that integrates the critical
facets of andrology, endocrinology, and advanced diagnostics, all tailored and synchronized to support you.

Clinical Team


Efficiency &


What We Treat

We’ll Take Care Of It

An all-in-one approach to managing male health concerns, from sexual health to hormonal balance, for a fully empowered and proactive healthcare experience.

General Urology

We cover everything from prostate & bladder issues to urinary incontinence and kidney stones.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

One of first global programs that offer specialist-led TRT therapy- delivered to your doorstep.

Sexual Health

Addressing all concerns from low testosterone levels, and premature ejaculation, to erectile dysfunction, and loss of libido.

Experience The Benefits Of TRT

Sharpened Focus

Break Free From The Brain Fog & Experience Sharpened Focus

More Energy & Better Sleep

Say Goodbye To Waking Up Tired & Welcome A New Dawn Of More Energy & Better Sleep

Increased Libido

Tackle Sexual Issues Like Erectile Dysfunction Head-On

GluCare TRT

Physician consultations from the comfort of your home

Continuous quarterly testing of your hormonal levels

Choice of treatment from gels, injections, and pills

Medication delivery to your doorstep

One transparent flat monthly membership, all-inclusive


Wasting time driving to the clinic and waiting for your appointment

Random or non-existing check-ups

Traditional injections only

Driving to multiple pharmacies to access hard-to-find medication

Insurance nightmare, copays, and frequent rejections

The FIRST Program Of Its Kind

Restore Balance & Reclaim
Vitality With GluCare’s
TRT Program

Our urologist-led TRT program is different. We handle everything, from comprehensive testing to therapy injections,
and even medication delivery, all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

No Siloed Physician

Priority Access To Prescription

No Cutting Corners With
Laboratory Testing

All Inclusive In A Single Affordable Monthly/
Quarterly Fee

Our Expert Team Offers Specialized, Continuous
& Hyper-Personalized Support

Dr. Milena Caccelli

Dr. Milena Caccelli

Dr. Cigdem Ozkan

Dr. Cigdem Ozkan

Dr. Judith Skaf

Dr. Judith Skaf

Dr. Joudy Kattan

Dr. Joudy Kattan

Dr. Haluk Kolaksizoglu

Dr. Haluk Kolaksizoglu

All Our Packages Are Covered
By Insurance