Real-Time Heart Health
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Empowering Heart Health – The GluCare Way

Whether you’re managing a pre-existing condition or just looking to stay on top of your heart health,
GluCare offers the personalized care and support you need to live your best life.

41% Reduction
In CVD Risk

5% Reduction in
Total Cholesterol

3% Reduction in Systolic
& 4% Reduction in
Diastolic Blood

35.20% Reduction in Antihypertensive
Medication within
a Year

Remote Medication

What We Treat

From Prevention To Complication Management

GluCare.Health patients are empowered in a seamlessly coordinated healthcare journey for lasting heart health.


We help patients manage their blood pressure through real-time monitoring.

Heart Diseases

We offer medication management, lifestyle modifications, and non-invasive procedures to treat & manage all heart conditions.

Experience The GluCare Ecosystem

A personalized heart disease management model that integrates the best in technology and human specialist care.

Experience Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Physician prescribes the
blood pressure cuff which is integrated with GluCare’s clinical portal

Measure your blood pressure as instructed by your physician

Receive real-time feedback from your physician based on your readings

Respond & adjust your therapy quickly & improve your blood pressure control

Our Expert Team Offers Specialized, Continuous
& Hyper-Personalized Support

Dr. Zina Mollazenali

Dr. Zina Mollazenali

All Our Packages Are Covered
By Insurance