Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor

The FreeStyle Libre is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system that doesn’t require a blood sample from a finger stick.

The libre 2 connects seamlessly with the GluCare app.

Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor

Freestyle Libre Pros

Factory CalibratedSimilar to the Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre is factory calibrated. This means the need for manually calibrating the sensor is not necessary. It also means that users don’t have to go through painful fingerpicks.

Most importantly, factory calibration helps to eliminate the errors that come with manual calibration, which can cause other reading errors in the sensor.

Low InvestmentWhen comparing the cost of Freestyle Libre against other CGMs such as the Dexcom g6, it is among the most affordable. Therefore, many view this CGM as an investment since it is a great advantage for diabetes patients, as it eliminates the need for fingerpicks.

Short Warm-UpAfter applying the Freestyle Libre, it only takes one hour for the warm-up to take place. The warm-up is the period it takes for the device to adjust to your body before it starts sending blood sugar readings. This warm-up period is shorter, or perhaps the shortest, when compared to many other CGM’s, which can take a few hours.

EfficientFreestyle Libre has a glucometer built right into the reader of the device, and it also has a low-profile transmitter. The built-in glucometer allows one to conveniently manually check their blood sugar with a fingerprint if they are unsure about the accuracy of the CGM reading. The readings can also be sent to the app on your smartphone, which also allows for more efficiency. The sensor also lasts up to 14 days, which is longer than any other CGM on the market.

Convenient Updates and Storage CapacitiesUnlike many others, freestyle Libre is updated every 60 seconds, which is almost like “real-time.” Alongside this, the data is recorded to the memory every 15 minutes, giving a record of glucose levels for better diabetes management.

On the other hand, even if data is not read, the sensor can still keep any unread data for up to 8 hours. Once the sensor reads data, this is then transmitted to your GluCare team to enable us to monitor you continuously.

No More Finger PokesThis is one of the foremost benefits among the pros and cons of the Freestyle Libre. Fingerpicks are replaced by scans, which means that you can have better diabetes management with less pain and soreness from all those daily fingerpicks.

Easy to Apply by Yourself for Better Self-ManagementThe Freestyle Libre comes with a simple, disposable applicator that you can use with just one hand. It is approved to be worn on the back of the upper arm. After the device is applied, a small filament is placed just underneath the skin and is held in place with an adhesive. The low-profile design allows the device to be worn without much tugging or pulling, and it is unlikely that the sensor will get caught on any clothing or other objects.

GluCare will work with your insurance company to get the libre 2 CGM covered by insurances accepted at GluCare.

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