Dexcom G6

The Dexcom G6 is the most advanced continuous glucose monitor (CGM) currently available from market-leading diabetes tech company Dexcom.

GluCare has partnered with Dexcom to introduce the G6 into the market and uses the G6 CGM data directly as part of its continuous model of care.

A first-of-its-kind offering that brought a new form factor to this CGM, the Dexcom G6 offers direct-to-mobile app connectivity without a need to carry a separate receiver. 

This device is accurate enough to not require regular fingerstick glucose tests to calibrate the system.

Dexcom G6

Benefits of G6

  • Sensors can be worn for 10 days (compared to 7 days in earlier models).
  • Easy, pain-free insertion with a one-button plastic applicator device that allows for one-handed insertions.
  • you can;t see the needle, as it retracts into the disposal inserter
  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing
  • continuously tracks glucose levels in real-time and displays results on a smartphone app or receiver device, and is received by your GluCare team
  • can alert you if your blood sugar is trending high or low
  • a data-sharing feature allows you to share real-time data with up to 10 people
  • has a silent vibrate-only mode for alarms and other customizable alerts
  • water-resistant, so you can wear it during showers, baths, or swimming, and it can be submerged in pools up to certain depths
  • acetaminophen (Tylenol) doesn’t affect glucose readings

The G6, launched by GluCare in the UAE in October 2020, was the first CGM to offer direct-to-smartphone app connectivity without requiring a separate receiver, although users can still opt to use one or the other. 

It was also the first CGM to do away with the requirement to take finger stick tests to calibrate for accuracy.

Here’s a breakdown of what the system entails:


This is the thin gray part that clicks on top of the sensor casing worn on the body. It functions as the brain of the system. The G6 transmitter is a third smaller, thinner, and lower profile than the previous model. It has a 3-month battery life. 

With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the G6 sends results every 5 minutes directly to a smartphone app, a separate receiver, and to your GluCare care team

No fingersticks required

The G6 does not require once or twice daily calibrations as previous versions did. That means it can be used in making insulin dosing and treatment decisions without a backup fingerstick test. 

The G6 is factory-calibrated, and Dexcom has built in the capability for users to still enter calibrations manually if they choose to do so (for extra confidence in accuracy).

Disposable auto inserter

The G6 offers a whole new inserter design. It’s a plastic, spring-loaded, self-contained auto-applicator that requires you to do nothing but press an orange button to inject a new sensor. It’s even good for one-handed insertions. 

The sensors come in boxes of three, pre-assembled into the auto-inserter, so no needles are exposed. To insert, you pull the adhesive backing, place the unit on your skin, and push the button. 

The disposal applicator piece will automatically separate from the sensor once it’s on your body.

10-day wear

The water-resistant G6 sensor is said to be more accurate and reliable and can be worn for 10 days compared with the earlier model’s 7 days.

There is now a hard shutoff at the 10-day mark, meaning you won’t be able to extend the sensor for prolonged wear, as many people did with previous versions. 

Young kids

The Dexcom G6 is approved for children ages 2 years and up. This CGM is GluCare prefered choice of CGM for our Type 1 pediatric patients.

Predictive alerts

You’ll get an “Urgent Low Soon” alert whenever the sensor picks up that glucose levels are falling fast and predicts you’ll drop to 55 mg/dL within 20 minutes.

Customizable alerts

You can set different alert preferences for times of day or night. There’s a “Do Not Disturb” feature for audible or vibration alerts, though the “Snooze” feature is disabled on important alerts like “Urgent Low” and “Sensor/Transmitter Failure.”

Dexcom G6 mobile app + GluCare digital therapeutics platform

After a 2-hour warmup period without any data, the G6 mobile app starts showing glucose results. It displays a circle with the current real-time glucose level and appropriate Gray/Red/Yellow color code depending on whether you’re “In Range,” “Low,” or “High.” 

A little arrow points in the direction you’re trending. The graph with glucose value dots and other inputted data like insulin, carbs, or exercise is displayed below that. At GluCare, we are also receiving Dexcom G6 data continuously.

GluCare will work with your insurer to help you get the Dexcom G6 covered by insurances in the United Arab Emirates.

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