Dr. Milena Caccelli


Dr. Milena is a Brazilian board-certified specialist in the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolic Disorders. She graduated medical school in 2007 in Brazil and completed a residency in Endocrinology and Metabolic Disorders specializing in the management of Diabetes at one of the largest hospitals in São Paulo, Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa of São Paulo., Dr. Milena also completed a specialization in General Endocrinology at Hospital das Clínicas – USP Medical School in 2013 – attending more complex cases such as adrenal and hypophysis diseases.

Guided by the desire to keep current in Endocrinology and Metabology, Dr. Milena participated in observation programs on Thyroid in Siena (Servizio Furio Pacini) and Diabetic Foot in Sheffield (Royal Hallamshire Hospital). Dr. Milena participates regularly in international conferences of EndoSociety and the American Diabetes Association, and is active at  Harvard Medical School’s General Endocrinology and Obesity meetings.

Dr. Milena has a special interest in physiological treatments for Diabetes Mellitus such as the use of continuous glucose monitoring  and insulin infusion pumps with carbohydrate counting.

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