Celeste De los Rios

Head of Coaching

As Head of Coaching, Celeste leads a team of lifestyle coaches at Glucare.Health specializing in wellness and chronic disease management. Her focus at Glucare.Health is empowering and guiding patients to take charge of their life by breaking down barriers for change and becoming more self aware in their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Celeste comes from a multi-disciplined background with extensive training in Coaching, Team Performance, Leadership, and Customer Service. She is a Certified Family Constellations Therapist and Certified Counselor on Substance abuse, having worked in the field of counseling and applied various therapeutic techniques such as shadow work, psychodrama and confrontation methodology.

Lived in Mexico, United States, and the UAE, she has instilled a strong multicultural awareness and emotional intelligence, crucial in our continuously evolving world. 

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