How poorly managed diabetes can affect your performance at work.

Oct 4. 2020

People with diabetes can do almost any job or occupation, as long as there are no serious complications or comorbidities. New diagnostic and therapeutic methods, such as automatic glucose measurement via a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), disease management programs, and remote monitoring systems with the use of AI technology, enable better treatment of diabetes. They also reduce the risk of illness at work.

Diabetes, when managed well, produces little to no symptoms and problems. However, those unable to regulate their blood sugar levels, and who deal with complications such as excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, blurry vision, extreme or constant hunger, and fatigue, may or may not be physically capable of continuing to perform their normal job functions.

Unregulated blood glucose issues can also cause problems with clarity of thought, vocabulary selection, and other speech issues, as well as concentration and decision-making abilities. These symptoms typically occur because blood sugar levels are extremely high or low, both of which can occur in diabetics when their disease is not properly monitored and managed.

Well-adjusted metabolism is a prerequisite for maintaining performance and avoiding secondary diseases. If necessary, this can be achieved or supported by the following recommendations:

  • Change nutrition
  • Reduce body weight if necessary
  • Physical activity (sport, exercise)
  • Avoiding nicotine and alcohol as much as possible
  • Visiting the attending diabetes clinic regularly in order to adjust the blood sugar correctly and to identify accompanying and secondary diseases at an early stage
  • Carry out therapy actively and conscientiously

One of the advantages of modern diabetes therapy is that it can be tailored to individual and professional requirements. Particularly stressful working conditions can now be managed effectively.

At GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center we have layered traditional diabetes management that typically happens inside a clinic, with a Digital Therapeutics (DTx) layer. We offer a new model of diabetes management incorporating both seamless in-clinic visits and an Integrated Continuous Monitoring (ICM) platform to maintain and optimize the management of diabetes patients.

Through the integration of modern technology (wearables, BGM, CGM, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, smart insulin pens) data is collected continuously and provides us with real-time insights about our patients’ health. Patients can now see their trends, disease risk profiles (through AI technology), and the status of their management.

If problems and symptoms occur more frequently, we partner together with the patient to find the causes and solutions.

Through our Digital therapeutics platform (DTx), we continuously engage with patients via our app/coach and provide relevant, easy-to-understand educational content to patients about their disease. Patients no longer need to self-manage alone under the GluCare platform.

GluCare is reinventing the model of diabetes management and helps patients avoid the above-mentioned symptoms of poorly managed diabetes, allowing them to gain back the self-confidence to manage their disease effectively.

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