GluCare signs partnership with the UAE’s largest Third-Party Administrator

Oct 1. 2020

GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center, the world’s first healthcare provider to empower patients through Integrated Continuous Monitoring (ICM), and the region’s first healthcare provider to utilize Digital Therapeutics (DTx), is announcing a partnership with the UAE’s largest Third-Party Administrator, the newly merged Neuron/NAS. The partnership allows diabetes patients of Neuron and NAS to be managed by GluCare using our DTx platform as part of their diabetic care. It is the region’s first large scale deployment of ICM into a routine healthcare model.

As with all GluCare patients, patients of Neuron and NAS will be provided with a starter kit including wearable/IoT technology that in turn, uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to give the GluCare team a real-time view of every minute of every day of patients’ lives. This real-time data and insight – and real-time risk scores – support better care and decision making, allowing patients to better manage their chronic condition.

Applying technology as a humanizing force, GluCare is reinventing diabetes care and transforming lives. The GluCare team is looking forward to partnering with Neuron/NAS patients and their families, giving them the tools, knowledge, and continuous support to live longer healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

We welcome Neuron/NAS patients to the future of diabetes care and management.

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